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Please note: the explanation of terms below is intended for guidance only. For contractual definitions, refer to the Policy Wording.

A one-off payment in advance to cover a year’s insurance. This is the cheapest way of obtaining cover.

All Golfshield golf insurance policies, even when paid by Direct Debit, cover you for 12 months, unless cancelled by either party in accordance with the policy’s cancellation terms.

The date that the policy starts.

Means for specialist golf clothing over 12 months old a deduction for wear and tear of 20% of the Sum Insured of the item for each year or part year from the date of manufacture.

In the event of a claim, we need to be certain that you were/are the owner of the insured items. Evidence is ideally provided by the original purchase receipt, detailing the item, date of purchase and price paid. If this is not possible, you should provide alternative evidence such as a bank or credit card statement, a copy receipt from the retailer, packaging, literature or photographs.

This is the amount that you contribute towards the cost of a claim. There is no excess for theft, or Accidental Damage, on your Golfshield insurance but there is a minimum claim amount of £100.

For Public Liability claims there is an excess of £500 for damage you cause to third party property, but this excess does not apply if you injure somebody.

Entry to a property that clearly shows damage to the lock, building, room or vehicle, caused as a direct result of theft.

The basis on which you do business with us.

This covers your insured items whilst transported in a vehicle or left unattended in a locked luggage compartment at any time.

This document contains details of the levels of cover selected for your policy and should always be read in conjunction with the Policy Wording.

This is a single, specified place where you store the insured items, typically your home.

This is a locked car boot or enclosed storage area of a saloon, estate or hatchback vehicle. If the vehicle does not have an enclosed boot or compartment, the golf equipment needs to be completely hidden from view.

We don’t handle claims for less than £100. Any accepted claim above this amount is for the full amount and no excess is deducted.

The length of time for which you are covered, all Golfshield policies run for a period of 12 months even when being paid by monthly direct debit.

This is a brief outline of the terms and conditions, including any significant exclusions or conditions, of an insurance policy. For full details of your insurance policy, please read the policy wording.

This sets out in full the terms and conditions of your golf insurance cover. It is essential that you read the policy wording and comply with the terms and conditions. We have made it as straightforward as possible to read and understand. Much of the information provided on this site is for guidance – only the policy wording should be taken as a binding contract.

The amount you pay (either with a single payment in advance or by instalments through a credit agreement) for insurance cover.

A person who derives more than 50% of their income from playing, teaching or coaching golf or someone that is employed by a golf club as a club professional.

Depending on the item, this would be:

  • The new, undiscounted cost (including VAT) from a store or supplier
  • A valuation (from a competent and reputable source) which is not older than 12 months prior to the start of the insurance.

This is the total value of your collection of golf equipment.

The basis on which you do business with us.

For items to be covered under the policy, you need to be mindful of leaving them unattended. For the purposes of defining ‘unattended’ we say that unattended items are only covered when they are:

  • Being used or held by you or a responsible adult
  • Stored at the insured location, in a locked luggage compartment of a vehicle or kept in a locked room or cupboard

Insurance Product Information Document

(For policies incepted on and after 26th February 2018) Download a PDF of the Insurance Product Information Document. Download

Policy Summary

(For policies incepted before 26th February 2018) Download a PDF of the policy summary. Download

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